Multi-disciplinary engineering team

The Sensus Energy team,

  • experience in R&D over 20 years
  • extensive entrepreneurial background
  • profound scientific qualifications
  • conceptual thinking approach

Callie Peters, CTO

Callie is the founder of Sensus Energy. Callie holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree (B. Eng.) in electronics. Callie has excellent multi-disciplinary engineering skills related to all system engineering disciplines, like electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics. Based on these skills Callie developed several patented technologies on room ventilation, room conditioning and solar energy harvesting.

Callie is entrepreneur since 1996 where he started on services and maintenance of injection moulding machines. In 2003 Callie developed an innovative room ventilation system. Ever since he has been working on renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency systems.

Callie Peters


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