PV system pain points

1.Typically solar systems are sensitive to shading, since the sub-strings of cells and panels are series connected. In case one or more panels in a solar system are subject to shading, the overall performance of the system will dramatically decrease.

2. Roof top solar systems are considered to be aesthetically unattractive. There is a global trend towards more aesthetically attractive solar systems, namely, integration of solar cells into the building skin. However, such integration is compounded by shading problem.

3. There is a continuous drive to decrease the costs of solar systems. The price of solar panels has fallen significantly in recent years. The focus on cost reduction is lately shifting towards the Balance of System components.

4. Typical solar systems bare a safety risk due to high DC voltages which may result in lethal hazard in case of emergencies. Moreover, fire risks may occur when connectivity issues result in high temperatures DC arcs (up to 5,000°C).



Sensus Energy Solution

Sensus Energy has developed a solution that enables parallel connection of individual solar cells or cell-clusters. The solution is an innovative electronic circuitry that converts the power immediately behind the cell(-cluster) into low currents and high constant voltages (up to 400V).

As such the Sensus Energy technology generates a high voltage system and efficient parallel-connected solar systems can be realized. The Sensus technology therefore offers a solution to the shading problem and enables new (aesthetic) solar system concepts that are not restricted by fixed panel designs.

The Sensus Energy solution offers significant cost reduction. Additionally, the Sensus Energy technology allows remote monitoring and controlling of the cells and cell-clusters. As such potential defects can be easily detected and individual cells or cell-clusters can be switched off in case of emergency.

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