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Sensus Energy BV
Solar System Architecture

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Sensus Patented Technology
Innovative Solar Energy
Harvesting Electronics

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Modular Solar System Design
For the highest energy efficiency

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Full Integration of Solar Technology
For ultimate esthetic solutions

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Customized Solar Engineering
Bridging the gap between Idea and Realisation

“Sensus  Energy  offers  innovative,  custom-­‐engineered  solar  systems  for  integration  in  a   broad  range  of  applications,  varying  from  ultra-­‐small  off-­‐grid  configurations  to  large  build-­integrated  constructions.  The  essence  of  our  design  philosophy  is  ‘modularity’,  which,  in   combination  with  our  patented  electronic  energy  harvesting  platform,  enables  development  of  a  virtually  unlimited  variety  of  esthetic  and  efficient  solar  systems”

The Heart of our Solutions

The Sensus patented harvesting electronics forms the heart of all our solar system designs. In terms of efficiency and cost, Its development and introduction have set new standards. Combined with a well-considered design of the system configuration, significant efficiency improvements are made in comparison to solar systems that are composed of standard components.
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Ultimate Design Freedom

The inherent design freedom of the Sensus approach allows full integration of solar systems in virtually every object. Consequently, applications which were never considered feasible before are now becoming reality! The Sensus technology is scalable, from small battery-powered outdoor applications (off-grid) to large-scale building-integrated (BIPV) constructions.
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Modularity is the Key

The Sensus Energy solar solutions are based on a modular design philosophy and configured around small solar modules, which are interconnected in an intelligent way. Consequently, potential mega-ative surrounding factors, like shading and soiling, are already addressed in the design phase. The Sensus modular approach stands for maximum efficiency, combined with the ability to develop es-thematic solutions.
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Customized Engineering Services

Sensus Energy’s mission is to deliver ‘solutions’ rather than ‘components’. Along with the integration of our solar harvesting technology, we offer extensive expertise for the development of total systems, be it for off-grid, for building-integrated (BIPV) or for building-added (BAPV) solar application. We strive to unburden our clients and are ready to take ownership of the design, development and realization of the solar application.
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